24/7 personalized purchase/rental assistance allowing you to attract more customers.

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Unique.ai is the No-code conversational platform
transforming purchase/rental processes.

Conversations Along the Customer Journey

Design your Real Estate settings

  • Frequent landlords/applicants questions
  • Customize your branding
  • Set opening hours to organize visits

Customize your listings

  • Define your listings & add pictures
  • Build your offerings per customer segment
  • Check your prices & descriptions

Advertize & source leads

  • Get in-store leads with SMS / QR code
  • Boost your online lead generation efforts
  • Automatically track your ads performance

Make customers happy

  • Respond to customers' questions 24/7
  • Help them discover their future apartments
  • Simplify the customer experience

Make your managers happy

  • Reduce time to secure a sell or rent
  • Guide managers to facilitate outbound calls
  • Manage revenue with powerful analytics

Reinvented customer experience

Accelerate your sales process & boost your customer satisfaction x10

With Unique.ai

  • Treat your customers in a personalized way
  • Be available 24/7
  • Modernize your brand & screen leads faster

The old way - with paper & visits

  • Customer poorly considered
  • Too complicated selling/renting process
  • Forms & physical visits are a must

Real estate agent productivity

Boost your agent productivity x10

With Unique.ai

  • Spend more time with the best leads
  • Give feedback to all customers
  • Be able to focus on high value tasks

The old way - with paper & visits

  • Applications are reviewed in order of arrival
  • Customers are pre-qualified by phone
  • Lots of time for a limited outcome
Strengthen your employer brand & boost sourcing

Modernize your image & be even more attractive to existing & new customers - leverage the "Click, Chat, Buy/Rent" tagline.

Get a more personalized customer experience

Improve your customer experience – especially on mobile. Make relevant suggestions & accelerate your sales process!

Propose a relevant business model for your brand & its partners

Ensure branding consistency across your franchisee/partner network

Make the purchase/renting process more efficient

Remove phone screenings & gain productivity. Allow directors focus on high value tasks


Unique.ai makes AI accessible & Bring its power to your organization. Attract customers, deliver beautiful experience & continuously engage them in a personalized way.

Case studies

Case Study


Learn how Morgan, Bonobo, Cache-Cache, Okaïdi and franchisees of  Calzedonia or Mango leverage Unique.ai.

Case Study

Food service

Learn how METRO, Courtepaille, and franchisees of McDonald's leverage Unique.ai.

Case Study


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